If you live in Kansas City, chances are you have seen my work.
My photography has appeared on billboards, and local websites,
in magazines, annual reports, hospital directories, hanging on walls,
and tucked away in photo albums since 1980.

Our family owned company is designed to work with small to medium
corporate accounts having the need for professional photography
on a part-time basis.

Contact me:
   phone: 913-334-6464
    mail: Marc Carver Photography v 2818 North 79th St v Kansas City, Kansas 66109

The Instant Studio is now HEADSHOT - KC

2017 Eagle Scout Photos

Camp Naish Photos

Original Portfolio

Visit my "Portfolio 2012"

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The Story Behind the Business

What is a Commercial Photographer?

On Site and Location Photography

Large Groups, Summer Camps, Class Reunions

Electronic Retouching, Photo Editing Services

Restoration of Damaged or Copies of Old Photographs

Personalized Cards and Announcements

What does " Work for Hire" mean?

Client List of References